Research Seminar BBLS Banking and Finance - Fall Term 2017

Monday, 12:15-13:00
Program (PDF, 68 KB)
Date Speaker Topic
18.09 Marlon Azinovic Asset Pricing Implications of Ambiguity Averse Heterogeneous Agents Facing Incomplete Markets
Abstract (PDF, 114 KB)
25.09 Fulvia Fringuellotti Fixed Rate versus Adjustable Rate Mortgages: Evidence from Euro Area Banks
Abstract (PDF, 82 KB)
02.10 Marco Ceccarelli Does Honesty Matter for Institutional Investors?
09.10 Gazi Kabas Monetary Policy and Financial Derivatives
16.10 Mrinal Mishra Do Debt Waivers Result in Long Run Credit Rationing of Borrowers?
23.10 Andrea Bergesio Empirical Evidence on Extreme Default Profiles Under Expected Shortfall Using Fully-Leveraged Portfolios
30.10 Prof. Ania Zalewska tba
06.11 Runjie Geng tba
13.11 Andrada Bilan tba
20.11 Alan Roncoroni tba
27.11 Veronika Stolbova tba
04.12 Regina Hammerschmid
Alexandra Janssen
Crashophobia in Currency-Carry Trade Returns
11.12 Thomas Richter Liquidity Crunch: Capital Regulation and Market Making
18.12 Luzius Meisser Modeling Tools for Agent-Based Financial Economics