DBF Doctoral Courses

First Year Doctoral Courses

Fall Term 2020

Corporate Finance Prof. Alexander Wagner
Econometrics for Research Students Prof. Michael Wolf
Mathematical Finance and Derivatives Prof. Marc Chesney
Microeconomics for Research Students Prof. Nick Netzer

Core Elective Modules

Fall Term 2020

Advances in Computational Economics and Finance Prof. Felix Kübler
Brown Bag Lunch Seminar Prof. Per Östberg
Colloquium for Doctoral Students Prof. Thorsten Hens
Culture Finance Prof. Marc Oliver Rieger
Digital Tools for Finance tba
Doctoral Colloquium in Corporate Finance Prof. Kjell Nyborg
Finance and Insurance Prof. Pablo Koch Medina
Recursive Methods Prof. Felix Kübler
Research Seminar in Contract Theory, Banking and Money Prof. Steven Ongena
Prof. Jean-Charles Rochet
Prof. Hans Gersbach
Sustainable Finance Research Seminar Dr. Julian Kölbel
The full list of all UZH doctoral courses/colloquia in Banking and Finance