Research Seminar BBLS Banking and Finance - Spring Term 2017

Monday, 12:15-13:00
Program (PDF, 67 KB)
Date Speaker Topic
20.02 Felix Fattinger Trading Complex Risks
Abstract (PDF, 32 KB)
27.02 Roger Rüegg The Mixed vs the Integrated Approach to Style Investing: Much Ado About Nothing?
06.03 Frederik Eidam Gap-Filling Debt Maturity Choice in the Government Bond Market: Evidence from the ECB's 3-year LTRO
Abstract (PDF, 32 KB)
13.03 Quan Zhang Recovery is Never Easy - Dynamics and Multiple Equilibria with Financial Arbitrage, Production and Collateral Constraints
Abstract (PDF, 80 KB)
20.03 Hao Zhou Leverage Network and Market Contagion
Abstract (PDF, 84 KB)
27.03 Yingniao Dai CANCELLED
03.04 Thomas Maurer Pricing Shocks to Conditional Market Beta
Paper (PDF, 375 KB)
10.04 Kim Peijenenburg Understanding the Determinants of Financial Outcomes and Choices: The Role of Noncognitive Abilities
Paper (PDF, 437 KB)
08.05 Ola Mahmoud How Elementary is (Naive) Diversification
Abstract (PDF, 67 KB)
15.05 Luca Mazzone Adapting Against the Curse
Abstract (PDF, 32 KB)
22.05 Yingniao Dai Information Content of Bank Announcements
Abstract (PDF, 76 KB)
29.05 Giuliano Curatola International portfolio diversification and macroeconomic fluctuations when preferences are time-varying
Abstract (PDF, 87 KB)