Research Seminar BBLS Banking and Finance - Fall Term 2016

Monday, 12:15-13:00
Program (PDF, 68 KB)
Date Speaker Topic
19.09 Dietmar Dorn Corporate Market Timing, the Fed Model, and Market Segmentation
26.09 Ally Quan Zhang Amplification and Spillover with Financial Arbitrage, Production and Collateral Constraints
Presentation (PDF, 308 KB)
03.10 Prof. Xavier Giroud Redistribution of Local Labor Market Shocks through Firms’ Internal Networks
Paper (PDF, 355 KB)
10.10 Olga Briukhova A Network View on the Systemic Role of Central Clearing Counterparties
Abstract (PDF, 116 KB)
17.10 Yushi Peng Credit Default Swaps and Credit Demand
Abstract (PDF, 129 KB)
24.10 Yunhao He Wealth, Return and Time-varying Cash Flow Correlations
Abstract (PDF, 25 KB)
31.10 Kuchulain O'Flynn The Impact of Non-Interest Income on Monetary Transmission: Evidence from the Eurozone
Abstract (PDF, 66 KB)
07.11 Ola Mahmoud Naive Diversification: Preferences and Representation - CANCELLED
Abstract (PDF, 53 KB)
14.11 Philipp Lentner Central Bank Collateral Frameworks and Covered Bonds
Abstract (PDF, 328 KB)
21.11 Vincent Bogousslavsky The Cross-Section of Intraday and Overnight Returns
Abstract (PDF, 74 KB)
28.11 Jared Bibler Investigating the Icelandic Financial Crisis
Abstract (PDF, 36 KB)
05.12 Adriano Tosi Timing the Option Cycle
Abstract (PDF, 115 KB)
12.12 René Hegglin The ECB's three-year bank-refinancing operations and Eurozone bank equity
Abstract (PDF, 129 KB)
19.12 Jakub Rojcek A Model of Price Impact and Market Maker Latency