Research Seminar BBLS Banking and Finance - Fall Term 2018

Monday, 12:15 - 13:00
Program (PDF, 65 KB)
Date Speaker Topic
17.09 Jiyuan Huang Former Partner, Current Borrower: Do Partnerships Affect Loan Contract Terms?
Abstract (PDF, 36 KB)
24.09 Adriano Tosi International Volatility Arbitrage
Abstract (PDF, 148 KB)
01.10 Ming Deng Style Investing and Active Attention
Abstract (PDF, 78 KB)
08.10 Urban Ulrych Optimal Currency Hedging With Parameter and Model Uncertainty
Abstract (PDF, 155 KB)
15.10 Stefan Pohl Negative Financial Information, Leverage and the Term Structure of Debt
Abstract (PDF, 70 KB)
22.10 Jan Toczynski Ring-fencing Regulation Synthetic Control Application
Abstract (PDF, 58 KB)
29.10 Isabella Kooij Investor Behavior and Performance on Social Trading Platforms
Abstract (PDF, 46 KB)
05.11 Yushi Peng Collateral and Asymmetric Information in Lending Markets
Abstract (PDF, 71 KB)
12.11 Prof. Jens Jackwerth Stock Market Performance of Jewish Firms During the Third Reich
Abstract (PDF, 17 KB)
19.11 Fulvia Fringuellotti The Effect of Bank Monitoring on Loan Repayment
26.11 Kathrin de Greiff Being Stranded on the Carbon Bubble? Climate Policy Risk and the Pricing of Bank Loans
Abstract (PDF, 212 KB)
03.12 Philipp Lentner Monetary Policy, the Pricing of Bank Bonds and Bank Lending
Abstract (PDF, 25 KB)
10.12 Dr. Simon Broda Financial Econometrics in Julia
Abstract (PDF, 16 KB)
17.12 Michele Pelli Cross-Border M&A and the Exchange Rate: Evidence from Switzerland
Abstract (PDF, 38 KB)