Research Seminar BBLS Banking and Finance - Fall Term 2019

Monday, 12:15-13:00
Program (PDF, 75 KB)
Date Speaker Topic
16.09. Yunhao He Why Do Value Stocks Have More Consumption Risk?
23.09. Alexandra Matyunina The effect of industry lending specialization on syndicated loan portfolio reallocation
Abstract (PDF, 123 KB)
30.09. Luca Mazzone Go Big or Buy a Home: The Effects of Student Debt on Human Capital and Wealth Accumulation
07.10. Andrada Bilan CANCELLED
14.10. Veronika Molnar The impact of liquidity regulation on banks
21.10. Kuchulain O’Flynn Identifying Empty Creditors with a Shock and Micro-Data
28.10. Jordy Rillaerts Climate change, when does it "hit"? Expectations from the CDS market
04.11. Winta Beyene Corporate Bond Credit Spread and Climate Change Risk
11.11. Roger Geng Recursive equilibria in dynamic economies with bounded rationality
18.11. Egor Maslov Sectoral Accounts And Macroeconomic Risk Sharing
25.11. Jonathan Krakow Mutual Funds and Risk Disclosure
02.12. Mei Ding-Hirschfeld Personality Traits and Investment Styles
09.12. Yushi Peng Mortgage Credit and Housing Markets
16.12. Linus Siming To advocate or not to advocate: Determinants and consequences of CEO activism