Research Seminar BBLS Banking and Finance - Fall Term 2021

Monday, 12:15-13:00
Program (PDF, 56 KB)
Date Speaker Topic
20.09. Gazi Kabas Household Leverage and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from a Macroprudential Policy Restriction
27.09. Jordy Rillaerts Option demand around earnings announcements
04.10. Mohamed Hamoud Stock market participation, collateral constraints and the equity premium
11.10. Mojtaba Hayati Asset Prices with Inequality
18.10. Alex Osberghaus Information Asymmetries and the Role of Relationship Banks in the Syndicated Loan Market
25.10. Alexandra Matyunina Dividend Ban and Bank Lending
01.11. Stefano Ramelli Green Sentiment, Stock Returns, and Corporate Behavior
08.11. Vincent Wolff Taxing Two Markets: Where do Informed Traders Trade?
15.11. Jiri Woschitz Job Market Presentation
22.11. Ming Deng tba
29.11. Marlon Azinovic tba
06.12. Prof. Rajna Gibson tba
13.12. Reto Wernli tba
20.12. Daniel Grosshans tba