Advanced Doctoral Courses (SFI)

Fall Term 2014

Course Lecturer Start
Asset Pricing in Continuous Time (USI) Prof. Paul Schneider 24.11.2014

Spring Term 2015

Course Lecturer Start
Empirical Asset Pricing II (USI) Prof. Alberto Plazzi 16.02.2015
Advanced Derivatives Pricing (USI) Prof. G. Barone-Adesi 04.03.2015
Market Microstructure (USI) Prof. Thierry Foucault
Prof. Albert J. Menkveld
Bayesian methodology and MCMC simulation (USI) Prof. Antonietta Mira 14.04.2015
Corporate Finance II (USI) Prof. Laurent Fresard 20.04.2015
Numerical Methods in Finance (USI) Prof. Eckhard Platen 11.05.2015
Statistical Methods of Econometrics with Applicaitons to Finance (USI) Prof. Alain Monfort 30.06.2015
Advanced Market Microstructure (UNIL) Prof. Terry Hendershott 15.07.2015