How many students apply and how many are admitted to the Doctoral Program in Finance at the University of Zurich?

Currently, we receive between 150 and 200 applications. We accept between 6 and 10 students, depending on the quality of the applicants and how many open assistantship positions among the potential supervisors we anticipate in our program.

Are GMAT or GRE required for the program?

Yes, a GMAT or GRE is required for applicants with degrees from non-Bologna states or with degrees in fields other than economics, finance or business administration ("fachfremd"). For other applicants: it will not hurt you to submit it. GMAT is expected to surpass 660 points. The GMAT institution code for the University of Zurich, Doctoral Program in Finance is: 7382.

Is TOEFL or IELTS required for the PhD program?

No, there is no TOEFL or IELTS required for the PhD program. But if you want to submit it, please do. The IELTS has to be at least 7.0. There is no institution code.

Do I need to contact professors (potential supervisor) before I apply to your PhD Program?

No, there is no need to contact the professors in advance. You first have to apply. You choose the supervisor later, after beginning your studies.

How about financial aid offered by the Doctoral Program in Finance at the University of Zurich?

Most accepted students are granted admission with a stipendium of about 2500 CHF per month - an amount which is more than enough for a student to live in Zurich.
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Can I work during the PhD program?

Students with a stipendium will neither need additional money, nor will they have the time to pursue outside employment, given the time required for the demanding coursework and research agenda. As a related question, part-time doctoral studies are not allowed in this structured PhD program.

Can I already apply even when I have not yet finished my Master Degree?

Yes, but your studies have to be completed latest by the beginning of the term in September.

Can the PhD program be completed online or by distance learning?

No, distance learning is not possible. The Master courses (Track C) as well as the doctoral courses, advanced doctoral courses and seminars (Track B and C) do require physical attendance of the students.