Financial Information

You are required to register as a doctoral student at the University of Zurich (CHF 280 per term). The first year of the doctoral program requires a full-time commitment to studies. All accepted candidates are offered either fellowships or employment as teaching/research assistants.

After this first year, as the course load lightens and the emphasis turns to research, doctoral students are financed by teaching assistantships or research grants offered by the University of Zurich and providing a wide range of teaching and research experience. Typically our doctoral students have thus secured financial support ranging from CHF 30’000 to CHF 60’000 on an annual basis – with an average that we estimate at CHF 50’000 per year – while in the second phase of the program.

Working Conditions

Doctoral students are provided offices from the first year of the program on. They also benefit of a wide range of first-class university facilities - library, computers, sports facilities, etc.- provided by the University of Zurich and the ETH Zurich.

More Scholarships

Depending where you come from, there are several organisations which offer various scholarships, for example the Swiss Government, the Institute of International Education, the Fulbright Program, the German DAAD and so on. Please search the Internet.