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Doctoral Program in Finance

Finance Seminar - Spring Term 2018

Organised by the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich
Friday, 12:15 - 13:30
Program (PDF, 108 KB)
Date Speaker Topic
23.02 Alexandra Niessen-Rünzi
University of Mannheim
Mutual Fund Shareholder Letters: Flows, Performance, and Managerial Behavior
Paper (PDF, 634 KB)
02.03 Christoph Herpfer
Emory Goizueta Business School
The Real Effects of Banker Networks
09.03 Ilaria Piatti
University of Oxford
Rationality and Subjective Bond Risk Premia
Paper (PDF, 1 MB)
16.03 Laurent Frésard
Technological Changes and the Evolution and IPO and Acquisition Activities
23.03 Luc Laeven
European Central Bank
Safe Asset Shortages: Evidence from the European Government Bond Lending Market
30.03 NO SEMINAR  
06.04 SGF Conference 2018
Location: ConventionPoint, SIX Swiss Exchange
13.04 Albert Menkveld
VU Amsterdam
A Network Map of Information Percolation
Paper (PDF, 1 MB)
20.04 Yishay Yafeh
Jerusalem School of Business Administration
The Effect of Minority Veto Rights on Controller Tunneling
Paper (PDF, 318 KB)
27.04 Juhani Linnainmaa
USC Marshall School of Business
Factor Momentum
Paper (PDF, 1021 KB)
04.05 Michelle Lowry
Drexel University
Mutual Fund Investments in Private Firms
Paper (PDF, 544 KB)
11.05 Michael Fleming
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Intraday Pricing and Liquidity Effects of U.S. Treasury Auctions
Paper (PDF, 1 MB)
18.05 Adair Morse
UC Berkeley
Consumer-Lending Discrimination in the FinTech Era
Paper (PDF, 990 KB)
25.05 Ed deHaan
University of Washington
Why do individual investors disregard accounting information? The roles of information awareness and acquisition costs
Paper (PDF, 1 MB)
28.05 Special Seminar
Time: 12:15 - 13:00
Speaker: John Griffin, University of Texas at Austrin
Topic: Is Bitcoin really Un-Tethered?
01.06 Byoung-Hyoun Hwang
Cornell University
The Emergence of “Social Executives” and Its Consequences for Financial Markets
Paper (PDF, 523 KB)

Details of past seminars can be found here.

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