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Doctoral Program in Finance

Finance Seminar - Spring Term 2019

Organised by the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich

Friday, 12:15 - 13:30
Program (PDF, 128 KB)
Date Speaker Topic
22.02. Luca Gelsomini
ICEF Moscow
Dynamic Trading and the Voluntary Disclosure of Information
01.03. Michael Wolf
University of Zurich
Efficient Sorting: A More Powerful Test for Cross-Sectional Anomalies
Paper (PDF, 272 KB)
08.03. Miguel Ferreira
Nova School of Business and Economics
Entrepreneurship and Regional Windfall Gains: Evidence from the Spanish Christmas Lottery
Paper (PDF, 434 KB)
15.03. Daxeng Xiu
Chicago Booth
Predicting Returns using Text Data
22.03. Oliver Boguth
Arizona State University
Competition, No-Arbitrage, and Systematic Risk
29.03. Andreas Schrimpf
The FOMC Risk Shift
Paper (PDF, 863 KB)
05.04. SGF Conference 2019
Location: SIX CoventionPoint
12.04. Enrico Sette
Bank of Italy
The Long Run Earnings Effects of a Credit Market Disruption
Abstract (PDF, 36 KB)
19.04. NO SEMINAR (Good Friday)  
26.04. Vicente Cuñat
Active Owners and Firm Policies
Paper (PDF, 559 KB)
03.05. Hannes Wagner
Corporate Governance Through Voice and Exit
10.05. Felix von Meyerinck
University of St. Gallen
As California goes, so goes the nation? Board gender quotas and the legislation of non-economic values
17.05. Francesco D'Acunto
Boston College
Crowdsourcing Financial Information to Change Spending Behavior
Paper (PDF, 1 MB)
24.05. Yacine Ait-Sahalia
Implied Stochastic Volatility Models
Paper (PDF, 1 MB)
31.05. Ned Augenblick
UC Berkeley
Restrictions on Asset-Price Movements Under Rational Expectations: Theory and Evidence
Paper (PDF, 840 KB)

Details of past seminars can be found here.

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