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Doctoral Program in Finance

Finance Seminar - Spring Term 2022

Organised by the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich

Friday, 12:15 - 13:30
Program (PDF, 109 KB)
Date Presenter Paper
25.02. Ines Chaieb
University of Geneva
Who Invests in and What Drives Equity Ownership Around the World
04.03. NO SEMINAR  
11.03. Vitaly Orlov
University of St. Gallen
Birth order and fund manager’s trading behavior: Role of sibling rivalry
Paper (PDF, 359 KB)
18.03. Ralph De Haas, KU Leuven Discriminatory Lending: Evidence from Bankers in the Lab
21.03. Lukas Roth
University of Alberta
Sexism, Culture, and Firm Value: Evidence from the Harvey Weinstein Scandal and the #MeToo Movement
23.03. Emilia Garcia-Appendini
University of Zurich
Credit supply and green investments
25.03. Giuseppe Ugazio
University of Geneva
Moral and Financial Values in the Brain
Abstract (PDF, 59 KB)
30.03. Paul Smeets
Maastricht University
Do preferences for sustainable investments differ across countries? A large-scale experiment in five European countries
08.04. 2022 SGF Conference  
29.04. * Alexi Savov
Credit Crunches and the Great Stagflation
Paper (PDF, 513 KB)
06.05. NO SEMINAR  
13.05. Ian Martin
Sustainability in a Risky World
20.05. Sebastian Gehricke
University of Otago
In Holdings We Trust: Uncovering the ESG Fund Lemons
Paper (PDF, 670 KB)
03.06. Manuel Adelino
Duke University
The Environmental Cost of Easy Credit: The Housing Channel
Paper (PDF, 1 MB)
* Online seminar - This session is joint with Research Seminar in Contract Theory, Banking and Money, and will take place from 14.45 to 16.00.

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