Advanced Doctoral Courses (SFI)

Fall Term 2015

Course Lecturer Start
Empirical Corporate Finance (USI)
Prof. Daniel Paravisini 15.09.2015
Over-the-Counter Financial Markets (Study Center Gerzensee) Prof. Darrell Duffie 05.10.2015
Strategic Uncertainty in Macroeconomics and Finance (UZH)
Prof. G.M. Angeletos 15.10.2015
Asset Pricing in Continuous Time (USI) Prof. Paul Schneider 14.12.2015
Financial Benchmarks and Price Transparency in Over-the-Counter Markets (EPFL) Prof. Darrell Duffie 17.12.2015

Spring Term 2016

Course Lecturer Start
Advanced Derivatives Pricing (USI) Prof. G. Barone-Adesi 02.03.2016
Capital Markets and the Macro-Economy (USI) Prof. Antonio Mele 14.03.2016


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The courses are sponsored by SUK-Programm "Doktoratsprogramme (2013-2016)".