SFI Doctoral Courses

Advanced courses for academic year 2016 - 2017

Course Lecturer
Information and Asset Pricing (EPFL) Prof. Semyon Malamud
Emprirical Corporate Finance (EPFL) Prof. Rüdiger Fahlenbrach
Prof. Norman Schuerhoff
Asset Pricing in Continuous Time (USI) Prof. Paul Schneider
Bayesian methodology and MCMC simulation (USI) Prof. Antonietta Mira
Advanced Derivatives Pricing (USI) Prof. G. Barone Adesi
Capital Markets and the Macroeconomy (USI) Prof. Antonio Mele

Study Center Gerzensee Advanced Doctoral Courses 2017

Course Lecturer
Sovereign Debt and Current Account Dynamics Prof. Mark Aguiar
Machine Learning for Treatment Effects and Structural Equation Models Prof. Victor Chernozhukov
Equilibrium Search Models - Theory and Estimation Prof. Jean-Marc Robin
Using the Belief Function to Resolve Indeterminacy in Macroeconomics Prof. Roger E.A. Farmer
Banking and Financial Institutions: Theory and Evidence Prof. Zhiguo He
Computational Economics Prof. Felix Kübler
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