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Doctoral Program in Finance

Finance Seminar - Spring Term 2021

Organised by the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich

Friday, 12:15 - 13:30
Program (PDF, 110 KB)
Date Presenter Paper
26.02. Olivier Scaillet
University of Geneva
Skill, Scale, and Value Creation in the Mutual Fund Industry
Paper (PDF, 9 MB)
05.03. * Dirk Niepelt
University of Bern
Monetary Policy with Reserves and CBDC: Optimality, equivalence, and politics
12.03. * Ricardo Reis
The constraint on public debt when r < g but g < m
19.03. * Michaela Pagel
Columbia Business School
Does Saving Cause Borrowing?
Paper (PDF, 1 MB)
26.03. SGF Conference  
16.04. Christos Makridis
Arizona State University
Split Personalities? Behavioral Effects of Temperature on Financial Decision-making
Paper (PDF, 338 KB)
23.04. Dmitriy Sergeyev
Bocconi University
Debt Sustainability in a Low Interest Rate World
Paper (PDF, 934 KB)
30.04. Florian Weigert
University of Neuchâtel
Hedge Funds and the Positive Idiosyncratic Volatility Effect
Paper (PDF, 558 KB)
07.05. Pierre Collin-Dufresne
EPF Lausanne
How integrated are credit and equity markets? Evidence from index options
Paper (PDF, 2 MB)
14.05. Ascension Day  
21.05. Catherine Casamatta
Toulouse School of Management
Equilibrium Bitcoin Pricing
Paper (PDF, 599 KB)
28.05. Julien Cujean
University of Bern
The Low-Minus-High Portfolio and the Factor Zoo
Paper (PDF, 347 KB)
04.06. Theodosios Dimopoulos
University of Lausanne
* The session is joint with Research Seminar in Contract Theory, Banking and Money, and will take place from 14.45 to 16.00.

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Until further notice, the Finance Seminar will be held as a webinar. Login information will be sent out together with the invitation every week.

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