Finance Seminar - Fall Term 2018

Organised by the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich

Friday, 12:15 - 13:30
Program (PDF, 104 KB)
Date Speaker Topic
21.09 Simi Kedia
Rutgers University
Primary Market Allocations in Corporate Bonds
28.09 Felix Matthys
The Volatility and Uncertainty Disconnect: Optimal Portfolio Choice and Asset Prices
05.10 Joshua White
Vanderbilt University
Trade Secrets Protection and Antitakeover Provisions
Paper (PDF, 373 KB)
12.10 Sydney Ludvigson
New York University
Uncertainty and Business Cycles: Exogenous Impulse or Endogenous Response?
Paper (PDF, 731 KB)
19.10 Elena Carletti
Bocconi University
Banks as Patient Lenders: Evidence from a Tax Reform
Paper (PDF, 1372 KB)
26.10 Pedro Matos
University of Virginia
Multi-Class Shares Around the World: The Role of Institutional Investors
02.11 Kaveh Majlesi
Lund University
09.11 Eliza Wu
University of Sidney
16.11 Peter Zweifel
University of Zurich
23.11 Anna Pavlova
London Business School
30.11 Mariassunta Giannetti
Stockholm School of Economics
07.12 tba tba
14.12 Ye Li
Ohio State University
21.12 NO SEMINAR  

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